Arugam Bay

This beautiful resort is centred around a bay situated in the Indian Ocean on Sri Lanka’s South East coast.

Arugam Bay is located 320 km east of Colombo. It is very popular for surfing and beach lovers. Besides surfing, other attractions include lagoon tours, bird watching, elephant watching and Kumana National Park. Along with many ancient ruins and archaeological sites.

The beach dotted with guesthouses, cafés and shops, including some of Arugam Bay’s famous rustic palm-thatch cabanas, treehouses and other quaint structures.

Arugam Bay also borders between the Sinhalese-majority areas to the south and the mainly Tamil and Muslim areas further up the coast. Therefore the area boasts an unusually eclectic but harmonious mix of all three ethnic groups.

The bay hosts a massive fleet of fishing boats which operates off the beach.

After the destruction by the Tsunami, many organisations donated boats hence there are far more fishing boats than ever before.