Sri Lankan Cookery Classes


10:00 Hrs Arrive and Register.

10:15 Hrs Introduction to cookery by colour and Sri Lankan Spices that are being used in the programme. Hand over recipe leaflet of the food being cooked and aprons for use during the programme.

10:30 Hrs Participatory cookery begins.

13:00 Hrs Lunch with dessert.

13:30 Hrs End of programme.

Cookery by Colour By Mohara Dole

What Mohara enjoys most, other than the delicious flavours, are the colours and textures. For her, cooking is a form of play and worship.

Cookery by Colour was born of necessity as a single mother running her own business. She needed to find a way to prepare quick, nutritional meals for her children that would be appealing to all the senses. In addition to this, the preparation and sharing of the simplest home cooked meal would be a special occasion.

Drawing Inspiration from her Malay heritage, and the rich traditions of her Sinhalese and Tamil Friends. She began to devise a repertoire of rices, curries, sambols and salads to present to her children and their friends that differed in taste, aroma, colour and flavour.

Over the years, Mohara has come to realise that there are many people who want to learn her methods and techniques of Cooking by Colour. Many were Intrigued by the term, but when presented with her food, the unanimous verdict was that the food was indeed colourful and tasted

Splendidly Different!

It is touching and Mohara is honoured by this new dimension Cooking by Colour has taken. Conducted In her own home. The four-hour participatory demonstration has been designed as a cultural adventure for food lovers. Participants will join her at the stove as she prepares and share with them, a special Sri Lankan lunch which they can easily recreate in their own homes.

For Mohara, it is a great pleasure to entertain others with her fare. As a global citizen, she looks forward to the day when Cooking by Colour becomes a part of international cuisine.